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With the decisions from NSR Council Chairperson Board and NSR Operating Committee in early October, the NSR2021 has been transformed to the virtual event.

LION ROARS ON NATURE & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. We offer the full official program and much more. This is not about boring seminars and lectures, yet rather engaging discussions and brainstorming based on important messages on our theme from keynote and guest speakers. We facilitate all our participants to create new ideas that clubs and districts can achieve based on challenges and key questions from our speakers.

NETWORK AND ENGAGE IN ONE-TO-ONE DISCUSSIONS. Our event makes it possible for all participants to find new friends and each other based on your interests in lions topics and personal life. We create excellent opportunities for new friendships and for bonding and strengthening the existing ones during the event.

REGISTER NOW FOR FREE! Come join us in this exciting event to get new boost for your enthusiasm on lions service.