Patrick “PataDegerman is most likely the only person in Finland who can call himself an Explorer.

Pata has since early age been keen on adventures and nature, which is a key factor to his great experience of travel, adventure, group dynamics and leadership. As an experienced adventurer Pata has found himself in challenging, difficult and somewhat silly situations in which to work in and to work his way out. With quick thinking, wild imagination and a capability for thinking out of the box as his main tools. Fast solutions for problems may be a quick fix but in the world of adventure a quick fix usually means the problems comes around lightning fast and bites you on your backside. Therefore thorough contemplation, situation evaluation and proper execution of action are values that Pata puts into action.

As a experienced leader, group member and father of two children Patrick has a wide palette of people skills and group dynamics, a good ball-eye for social situations, and most of all a good sence of humour which is essential in challenging adventures.

Beeing an explorer Pata has travelled globally on adventures involving, different climbing diciplines, kayaking, hiking, offroad driving and many other forms of adventure. His expeditions have ranged from the Arctic to the Antarctic, Himalayas, Jungles, Oceans and many other somewhat unexplored regions, sometimes even to regions that have never been drawn on maps.

Armed with vivid photographs and great experience of public speaking Pata hold lectures to companies, schools, groups and societies. Themes are based upon experiences from expeditions and adventures put into practise into everyday challenges, company strategies and other situations in need of a different perspective and a way to think out of the box.