Welcome to Finland!

Matti Reijonen

As Council Chairperson of Multiple District 107 (Finland and Aland Islands) and as Chairperson of the Nordic Council Chairpersons (CC) Board it is my great pleasure to welcome all Lions and companions to the NSR meeting 2021. We look forward to some enjoyable days, where we can meet, exchange ideas, and also carry out decisions.

CC Matti Reijonen
MD107 Finland

Maarit Kuikka

Together with the MD 107 CC Matti, I have a great pleasure to invite You to the NSR 2021 meeting in Helsinki, Finland. After a very exceptional period of time, it is heartwarming to meet face-to-face and spend quality time together by discussing – among other things - how we Nordic Lions can best serve the needs of our local communities in the aftermath of COVID-19. The host committee has worked hard to create an event that not only gives You fruit of thought but also moments of joy and laughter. Looking forward to seeing You all in January 2021!

Executive Director (GS) Maarit Kuikka
MD107 Finland

Tapani Rahko

As Chairperson of The Nordic Co-operating Council Operating Committee (NSR-OC), I also have the pleasure to welcome you all from the Nordic countries and other Lions countries. We have strived to find a balance in contents, price, and location, which we hope you all agree on. We look forward to seeing you all in January.

PID Tapani Rahko, Chairperson of NSR OC 2020-2021

Antti Forsell

Imagine a glimmer of the summer sun on our clean waters or crispy twinkle of the pure white snow in winter. All of us in the Nordic countries have taken this as granted but we must work for it to ensure the same enjoyment of fresh air and clean nature in future. Therefore, we have selected a theme of “Lion Roars On Nature & Sustainable Development” for the NSR2021 event.
Our organizing team is already excited to offer you a special weekend full of interesting program among Nordic lion friends on a virtual platform!

Lion Antti Forsell, Chairperson of NSR2021 Host committee